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Cute Ways To Celebrate Dogust

Did you know that today is Dogust, the unofficial shelter dog birthday? If you got

Summer Care For Cats

Kitties are pretty easy keepers: they spend most of their time sleeping or snoozing, don’t

Cold Treats For Fido

Summer is here, and so are all of our favorite summer foods, like ice cream,

Barbeque Safety For Dogs

Summer is officially on us. For all of the backyard chefs out there, that means

8 Great Reasons To Love Greyhounds

June 2nd is National Greyhound Day! If you’re considering adopting a new pooch, you may

8 Great Ways To Pamper Your Cat

Have you ever found your cat batting at your shoelaces, or pouncing on a bottlecap?

Signs Of Doggy Dental Issues

Does your canine pal have bad breath? If so, Fido may have some dental troubles.

Hairball Awareness Day

Did you know that Hairball Awareness Day is coming up on April 29th? We’re guessing

Adopting A Greyhound

April is Adopt A Greyhound Month! As you may know, these sweet, wonderful dogs have
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