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Licensed Veterinary Technician

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Veterinary Assistant

When you’re doing something you love, you embrace the grind to work your way up. Take Rebecca, for example. Her love for animals led to her working at Cat and Dog Clinic of Bellevue as a kennel attendant. Fast forward years later, and she’s now a full-time veterinary assistant!

Rebecca discovered her love for animals at a very young age. After seeing her first dog fall ill, she made a decision to pursue a career in veterinary medicine to help save animals. At first, she wanted to become a research veterinarian and focus on finding treatments/cures for various diseases. But then decided that working directly with animals would be a more effective way of helping them live a full, healthy life.

Having grown up in the Seattle, WA area, Rebecca knew early on what she wanted to set her sights on. She focused on studying the sciences and would eventually earn a Bachelor’s degree in biology.

The day to day experience at Cat and Dog Clinic of Bellevue brings different experiences for Rebecca. One day she’ll be assisting patients undergoing surgery and/or dental procedures. The next day she’ll be tending to sick or injured pets. Then sometimes she’ll be counseling patients and their owners. The constant whirlwind is something she enjoys and finds very rewarding.

Nowadays, most of Rebecca’s free time is occupied by her energetic miniature poodle, Noel. When she’s not chasing her dog around, you can find her reading, sewing, knitting, crocheting or spending time in her garden. She also collects vintage pez, along with seafair memorabilia and dolls!