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Licensed Veterinary Technician

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Veterinary Assistant

When you’re doing something you love, you embrace the grind to work your way up. Take Rebecca, for example. Her love for animals led to her working at Cat and Dog Clinic of Bellevue as a kennel attendant. Fast forward years later, and she’s now a full-time veterinary assistant!

Rebecca discovered her love for animals at a very young age. After seeing her first dog fall ill, she made a decision to pursue a career in veterinary medicine to help save animals. At first, she wanted to become a research veterinarian and focus on finding treatments/cures for various diseases. But then decided that working directly with animals would be a more effective way of helping them live a full, healthy life.

Having grown up in the Seattle, WA area, Rebecca knew early on what she wanted to set her sights on. She focused on studying the sciences and would eventually earn a Bachelor’s degree in biology.

The day to day experience at Cat and Dog Clinic of Bellevue brings different experiences for Rebecca. One day she’ll be assisting patients undergoing surgery and/or dental procedures. The next day she’ll be tending to sick or injured pets. Then sometimes she’ll be counseling patients and their owners. The constant whirlwind is something she enjoys and finds very rewarding.

Nowadays, most of Rebecca’s free time is occupied by her energetic miniature poodle, Noel. When she’s not chasing her dog around, you can find her reading, sewing, knitting, crocheting or spending time in her garden. She also collects vintage pez, along with seafair memorabilia and dolls!



Veterinary Assistant

Sometimes things just end up working out in your favor. Just ask Anna Nishman, who is currently a veterinary assistant at Cat and Dog Clinic of Bellevue. She moved to Bellevue from Olympia, WA, and a short time after she found a position at the animal clinic and ended up loving it!

Anna (as she likes to be called) earned her bachelor’s degree in Zoology, and worked in several different animal-related jobs to gain experience. She entered the world of veterinary medicine after accidentally applying for a position at an ER Veterinary Hospital in Tacoma. This ended up being a blessing in disguise because she loved her time there so much that she ended up staying for almost 2 years!

In her free time, Anna enjoys spending time with her two cats, Leroy and Ziva. Leroy is the goofy, loveable Siamese with a heart of gold, while Ziva is a Tabby cat who enjoys snuggling, playing fetch and chasing her tail. 

When she’s not playing with her cats, you can find Anna curled up on the couch reading a good book, baking, doing yoga, roller skating, participating in wildlife photography or just simply spending quality time with her family and friends.



Reception Manager

Sometimes, a drastic career change is what’s needed to re-energize yourself. This was definitely the case for Michelle, who is currently a reception manager at Cat and Dog Clinic of Bellevue. After spending 10 years in the legal field, Michelle did some soul-searching, decided it was time for a new challenge and entered the veterinary world. Now she gets to put her passion for animals to use on a daily basis!

Michelle’s love for furry creatures didn’t just appear out of nowhere. She’s been an avid lover of animals for most of her life. Born and raised in Seattle, WA, Michelle’s two main interests growing up were playing with cats and reading books; the latter was a hobby that was influenced by her father. 

One of the first instances that made her realize just how much she loved animals is when she formally adopted her Persian foster named MeiMei. Michelle had been looking after the cat and her littermates for months, and during that time she realized that she loved the feline’s beauty and charm. To this day, MeiMei the cat remains a source of inspiration for Michelle.

When it comes to her position at Cat and Dog Clinic of Bellevue, Michelle loves nothing more than to meet new patients and get acclimated with people’s pets. She also enjoys the pharmacology aspect of the job, where she gets to familiarize herself with various medications and how they are used to help animals. She can then pass along this valuable knowledge to clients.

Michelle spends her free time hanging out with her husband and their 4 cats, Sassy, Stanley, MeiMei and Blaze. There’s a good chance you might also find her curled up reading a good book (she loves the “Outlander” series by Diana Gabaldon), traveling (she gushes about her trip to Ireland) or participating in yummy wine-tasting events!