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Bonding With Your New Dog
October 17, 2022
October is Adopt A Shelter Dog Month. We love seeing shelter pets get adopted! Dogs know when someone has helped them, and they tend to get very affectionate with those who take care of them. While simply providing good care will help Fido feel loved and safe, there are other things you can do to really build and strengthen that special friendship we share with our furry besties. A Bellevue, WA vet discusses bonding with your new pup below.


Even if you have a yard, you should still walk your pooch every day. Fido really needs the exercise and stimulation. This is also a good chance to just spend some quality time with him.


Our canine companions feel most secure when they’re in stable environments. Part of that means keeping your furry pal on a steady schedule for things like meals, walks, and playtime. Start this right away.


This one probably isn’t a huge surprise. The way to Fido’s heart may very well be through his stomach. Just take care not to overfeed him. Use small snacks, such as training treats.


Speaking of training, this is also great for bonding. Not only will you have a more well-behaved pet, it also opens more lines of communication with your canine pal. Plus, dogs get very proud of themselves when they are being praised and rewarded for getting something correct.


Did you know that simply talking to Fido is one of the best things you can do to make him feel at ease? It doesn’t matter what you say: you can read the ingredients list off your favorite cereal box if you like. It’s your tone of voice that really matters.


It’s important for Fido to understand that you, not he, is the alpha in charge. However, you should never hit or yell at your pooch for doing something wrong. You can verbally reprimand him if you catch him misbehaving. Otherwise, just focus on positive reinforcement.


Communication is a key to any relationship, and it’s definitely a two-way street. Do some research about dogs’ body language, and learn how to read the signals Fido sends when he feels scared, uneasy, or threatened. You’ll then be better able to react appropriately. Do you have questions about your furry friend’s health or care? Contact us, your local Bellevue, WA animal clinic, today!