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Thanksgiving Kitten Care Tips
November 15, 2022
Are you celebrating Turkey Day with a new kitten this year? Congratulations! You’ll definitely be able to get some adorable holiday photos. However, you’ll need to take extra care with little Fluffy, and keep her out of mischief. A Bellevue, WA vet offers some Thanksgiving kitten care tips below.

Decorate Carefully

Keep your frisky feline in mind as you decorate. Kittens have a way of zeroing in on anything that could be dangerous. Anything small or sharp is a potential hazard. You’ll also want to be careful with plastic bags and wrappers, toxic plants, and anything with strings or cords. Items that use flames, such as candles or potpourri burners, are also a concern. Ask your vet for specific advice.

Offer Safe Foods

Those delicious holiday spreads will be taking center stage this week. Go ahead and make your feline pal a special treat! Just stick with safe foods, such as plain, cooked turkey without the skin, bones, or fat. Don’t give your kitten anything that contains garlic, onions, or chives; chocolate; meat on the bone; avocado; caffeine; alcohol; grapes, currants, or raisins; or raw dough. Ask your vet for more information.


Baby cats are basically tiny, furry balls of mischief. While little Fluffy’s shenanigans are cute, they can also be dangerous. Your pet could easily get her tail caught beneath a recliner, or get underfoot as you are cooking. Kittens can also fit into some tiny places. Keep an eye on the little one, and pluck her from dangerous areas as needed.


Socialization is very important for kittens. You want little Fluffy to get used to being held, handled, and petted while she’s still little. This will help her grow into a polite, friendly cat. Have your guests pet your tiny buddy and play with her. (We suspect you won’t have a hard time getting them to oblige.)

Kitty Workout

Play with little Fluffy in the morning, before your guests arrive. This should help burn off those zoomies. If you tire her out, she may sleep through the festivities. She may also move from lap to lap for her naps, which is good for socialization.


Cats are definitely something to be grateful for! Treat little Fluffy to something special, like a new toy or a yummy snack. Happy Thanksgiving! Please contact us, your Bellevue, WA animal clinic, for your kitten’s care needs.