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Reasons To Appreciate Black Cats
August 16, 2022
Black Cat Appreciation Day is August 17th. This is a very important occasion for many of our feline friends. Black kitties have been dealing with bad PR for hundreds of years now. Unfortunately, these old superstitions still have a very powerful effect on Fluffy’s life and circumstances. A local Bellevue, WA vet discusses black cats below.


Fluffy’s run with bad PR started back in the Dark Ages, when she was unfairly associated with witches and witchcraft. Unfortunately, these old wives’ tales still persist today. As Halloween approaches, you’ll notice plenty of black cats on spooky seasonal products and decorations. Don’t worry: there’s no truth to the superstitions about black kitties being unlucky!

Famous Black Cats

Several black cats have not only overcome the superstitions, but have actually become famous in their own right. There are quite a few black celebrekitty featured in films and movies. There’s Salem from Sabrina, The Teenage Witch; Binx from Hocus Pocus, and Winkie from Escape To Witch Mountain. A few animated kitties have also achieved A-list kitty status, including Lucifer from Cinderella and Snowball II from The Simpsons. Last but not least, there’s also Oscar the Bionic Cat, who was fitted with prosthetic paws after losing his back legs in an accident. This special kitty has been featured in a book and several documentaries.

Kitty Coloring

Here’s an interesting tidbit: black cats actually aren’t black at all. They just look that way! If you look at Fluffy when she’s sprawled out in the sun, you may notice that her fur is actually dark brown. If she spends time in the sun, it may get lighter. You might even see a pattern emerge.

Reasons To Adopt Fluffy

Black cats comprise the largest percentage of kitties in shelters, and take longer to be adopted than other felines. This is very sad, because they are not only very pretty, they have some wonderful advantages. For one thing, your furry buddy will match any outfit or décor. You’ll also get to take some adorable ‘void kitty’ photos. If you have a friend or family member that’s ready for a new pet, you can get matching ones! Of course, the biggest reason to consider a black cat? They’re cute, sweet, and lovable, just like any other kitty! Do you have questions about caring for black cats? Contact us, your Bellevue, WA animal clinic, anytime.