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Back To School Pet Safety
September 1, 2023

Summer has certainly flown by this year. It seems like school just let out, but kids are already headed back to school. This can be a hard adjustment for pets, especially those that have gotten accustomed to having their younger humans around much more. There are also some seasonal hazards to be aware of. A local Bellevue, WA veterinarian offers some back to school pet safety tips below.

School Supplies

Many of the items you may find on school’s supply lists are actually dangerous to pets. That includes things like rubber bands, scissors, crayons, markers, glue and glue guns, and even pens and pencils. The level of danger here will vary a bit from pet to pet. Fluffy may be more interested in knocking pens off your little one’s desk than eating them, but Fido may very well gnaw on that brand new pencil set. Keep anything small, sharp, and/or toxic in spots your furry buddy  can’t reach.


You may notice that Fido and Fluffy both stick to pretty set schedules for their naps, meals, play sessions, and meditations. If the kids going back to class will significantly impact your pet’s routine, start making the adjustment in advance. For instance, you may need to give your pooch a week or so to adjust to an earlier breakfast and morning walk time.

Lunch Boxes

Fido and Fluffy are both quite opportunistic when it comes to food, and are definitely not above rooting through a lunch bag. Many of the things that are healthy for kids are actually toxic to pets. That list includes things like grapes, raisins, avocados, chocolate, and baked goods, all of which are fairly standard lunchbox fare. Things like plastic bags, tinfoil, toothpicks, condiment packets, and utensils are also unsafe. Keep the kids’ lunches out of paws’ reach!


Kids often have a lot going on in those first weeks of school. If your little one has chores related to pet care, such as feeding the goldfish or cleaning their hamster’s cage out, you may need to be extra diligent about making sure their tasks don’t get overlooked. 


Pets are very emotional, and can get quite lonely if they are left by themselves a lot. Carve out some extra family time with your furry friend. After all, pets are part of the family, too!

Do you have questions about your pet’s health or care? Feel free to contact us, your Bellevue, WA pet hospital, anytime!