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New Gadgets For Fido
September 15, 2023

Technology has advanced in leaps and bounds over the past few decades. Those are two things our canine pals are quite good at. As it turns out, Fido has a few fans in the tech sector. There are all sorts of cute and fun new gadgets available for Man’s Best Friend. A Bellevue, WA lists a few options below.

Dog Treat Maker

Do you enjoy cooking? Pick up a dog treat maker for Fido! This is very much like a mini wafflemaker or sandwich presser, the main difference being that the slots where you put the batter are shaped like little bones. There are a few benefits to making your furry friend’s snacks by hand. You’ll know that your pet is getting high-quality ingredients, and can customize as needed. These can also make great gifts for Fido’s buddies!

Paw-To-Speech Translators

Have you ever wondered what your pooch is thinking? It’s easy to figure out when Fido wants a walk or a treat, but not all of those cute head tilts are easy to interpret. You can get programmable pads that teach your canine buddy to ‘speak’ by pushing the pads with his paws. (Results may vary.)

Doggy Treadmills

Fido has been using treadmills for several years. Now you can get one made just for dogs! This can be a great way to keep your canine companion active indoors. Just  remove his collar first and keep an eye on him while he’s working out. Don’t leave him on it unattended!

Pet Fountains

Did you know that many pets prefer to drink running water? Fido may appreciate a pet fountain. You can also get a smart feeder. This is a good option to have for times when you work late. Fountains are also good for pups with vision impairment, as the sound of running water will help guide them to their food and water stations.

Smart Toys

Fido may love playing with a ball that reacts to his movements. If you want to go all-out, you can even get your furry pal his own robot!

GPS Collars

GPS has become so integrated into everyday life that it’s hard to believe it’s only been around a few decades. GPS collars do not insert the need for microchips or collars, but they do provide another safety net that can keep your beloved pup from getting lost.

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