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Digging In Dogs
June 15, 2023

Does your pooch have a tendency to dig holes in your yard? This can be pretty frustrating, especially for gardeners. There are things you can do to help curb your furry miner’s landscaping projects. However, the steps you’ll need to take will really depend on why Fido is digging in the first place. A Bellevue, WA vet suggests a few ‘pawsible’ options and offers potential solutions below.


Fido is smart, playful, and curious, and he needs lots of exercise and stimulation. If your canine buddy has nothing to do all day but sit in the yard and stare at the fence, he may start digging just for something to do. Make sure your pooch has plenty of fun toys. Puzzle toys are great for keeping pups occupied!

Buried Treasure

If your furry friend seems to deliberately make holes for storing or retrieving treasure, well, you’ve got a pretty adorable pirate on your hands. Consider giving Fido his very own sandbox, and offering him some goodies to stash in it.


Another clue would be if your pup is digging in pretty straight lines. This usually happens when Fido is sniffing out something that’s tunneling under your yard. Opt for humane, non-toxic removal tactics. Avoid using poisonous traps or bait: they’re toxic to all animals, including pets and other wildlife.


Is Fido making himself a little bed to hang out in? In some cases, this may just be a way of Fido making his favorite spot more to his liking. However, your canine companion could also be seeking relief from weather or bugs. Keep up with your furry bff’s parasite control and grooming, and make sure he’s happy and healthy, and knows that he is loved.


Is your four-legged pal generally digging around a fence? Fido may be trying to get out. There are a few possible reasons for this. Some dogs just want to go exploring, and/or want to patrol the rest of their territory. (Keep in mind that Fido’s view of his ‘terrain’ may not match up to what your actual property boundaries are.) Man’s Best Friend also sometimes tries to get out so he can go looking for love. If your canine pal hasn’t been fixed yet, get that appointment on the books.

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