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9 Reasons To Adopt A Greyhound
June 1, 2023

Greyhound Day is coming up. You may have noticed that we’re a bit smitten with these sweet pups, and with good reason. We always cheer for the underdogs, and Greyhounds definitely fall into that category. A Bellevue, WA vet lists some reasons to consider adopting Fido in this article.

Couch Potatoes

Many people assume that, because Greyhounds are so often used in racing, that they are full of energy and need lots of exercise. That actually isn’t the case, though. Your canine pal will need a few good walks every day. However, once he’s burned off his zoomies, he’ll probably spend the rest of the day napping peacefully or just sitting quietly at your feet.

Apartment Friendly

Because Greyhounds are such couch potatoes at heart, they’re actually a great fit for people in apartments. And while every pooch is unique, many are pretty quiet, which is another plus for renters.

Super Smart

Greyhounds are extremely intelligent, more so than many people realize. They’ve even been used as service dogs!

Easy Grooming

Another good thing about Greyhounds? They won’t leave everything you own covered in fur. Fido will need regular brushing and the occasional bath, as well as nail clipping and dental care, but overall, he’ll have minimal beauty care needs.

Great Joggers’ Buddies

Fido doesn’t necessarily have to be matched with runners: a brisk walk will also do fine for his morning workouts. However, if you do enjoy running, you may find a Greyhound a great match.


Although Greyhounds can be timid with strangers, they’re usually super sweet and affectionate with their humans. Fido can make a wonderful family pet.

Those Eyes

Dogs can really melt our hearts with their sweet, soulful stares. You may very well melt the first time you look into Fido’s eyes!

They Need Love

Greyhound racing has fallen out of favor in the past few decades, as the poor conditions and difficult lives of racing dogs has entered public awareness. However, there are still many former race dogs out there in need of good forever homes!


It’s important to realize that Greyhounds do have slightly different care needs than other dogs. For one thing, they are extremely sensitive to chemicals and medication. You’ll need a vet that is experienced with the breed. 

Do you have questions about Greyhound care? Contact us, your Bellevue, WA pet hospital, today!