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Summer Care For Cats
July 15, 2022
Kitties are pretty easy keepers: they spend most of their time sleeping or snoozing, don’t need walks or training, and take really good care of their coats. Of course, the summer heat can be quite dangerous for them. Fluffy may need a little extra TLC when it’s really hot out. A Bellevue, WA veterinarian discusses summer care for cats in this article.


One of the most important things you can do for Fluffy is make sure that she always has plenty of clean, fresh water. If you have a large place, more than one kitty, or a multi-storied home, you may need to set out extra water stations. Consider getting your cat a pet fountain or an automated waterer, especially if you are out a lot.

Keep Kitty In

Cats are always safer staying in. Summer can be particularly dangerous, as the weather, storms, and parasites add to the ongoing hazards of traffic and wild animals. Keep your feline pal safe and sound inside! If Fluffy likes going outside, make her a catio or train her to walk on a leash.


Many people like to spend a lot of time outdoors at this time of year. Lawn and garden chemicals can be an issue. Fluffy can pick up traces by walking through (or rolling around in) areas that were recently treated. She’ll then ingest it by licking her fur. Take care with these products!


Fluffy is very curious, and she likes to sniff and nibble at plants. Be sure to only keep pet-safe one! Many popular plants are toxic to our feline companions. Some of the dangerous ones include lilies, dumb cane, oleanders, and philodendrons. You can find more information on safe and unsafe plants online at the ASPCA website here.

Cool Beds

Kitties are very, very good at being able to get comfortable. (Fluffy can also sleep in positions we associate with moths and mosquito flight patterns, but that’s beside the point.) Make sure your furry little friend has several cool, comfy napping spots. Hammock beds are good for this: the air moving beneath them keeps them cool. Fluffy may also sprawl out on the bathroom or kitchen floor, which naturally stay cool. You can also freeze a towel for her to lay on. As your local Bellevue, WA animal hospital, we are dedicated to providing great veterinary care. Contact us anytime!