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Cold Treats For Fido
July 3, 2022
Summer is here, and so are all of our favorite summer foods, like ice cream, salads, and smoothies. Our canine buddies tend to take a very close interest in our food, and they also enjoy having something cool on a sweltering day. Want to get that tail going? Read on! A Bellevue, WA vet lists some summertime snacks for dogs below.

Doggy Ice Cream

You can find doggy ice cream in stores, but you can also make your own. For a base, you’ll want to pick something that gets that tail going. Some options are ripe bananas, pureed pumpkin, natural peanut butter, sodium-free broth, plain fat-free yogurt, olive oil, liver powder, and/or minced meat. You can also add things like kibble, bacon bits, blueberries, shredded meat or cheese, or crushed up dog treats.


There are lots of variations that you can try with these. Get some Dixie cups, and put some of the toppings we mentioned above into them. Pour water or sodium-free broth into the cups, and then stick some chews into them. When you’re ready to give your adorable furry friend a treat, just pop one out of the cup. For extra tail wags, spread natural peanut butter or organic baby food over them just before handing them over. Instant happy dog!

Custom Ice Treats

Get Fido an ice cube tray, or some of those cute bone-shaped molds. Pour kibble or shredded meat in, and then add water or sodium-free broth. These are great because you can adjust them to suit your furry friend’s taste and/or nutritional needs. For instance, if your furry friend likes fish, combine canned (boneless) salmon with spinach, rice, and fish broth. If beef is more to your pup’s liking, mix cooked hamburger with cheese and bacon bits and beef broth.


Kongs are very popular dog toys, and with good reason. They’re not only a much better chew option than your shoes, they’re also a great way to keep Fido occupied and (hopefully) out of trouble. You can fill these with any pet-safe freezable goodies, such as fat-free yogurt, canned pumpkin, natural peanut butter, canned cheese, organic baby food, sodium-free broth, water, or even dog food.


No matter what you choose, stick with pet-safe foods. Ask your vet for more information. As your Bellevue, WA animal clinic, we’re always here for you. Call us anytime!