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Celebrating Squirrel Appreciation Day With Fido
January 15, 2022
There’s a pretty important doggy holiday around the corner: Squirrel Appreciation Day is coming up February 21st. Many of our patients would be more than happy to observe this special occasion! A local Bellevue, WA vet lists a few ways you can celebrate with Fido below.


You don’t need to wait for special occasions to play with your canine companion. In fact, you shouldn’t! We recommend playing with dogs daily, even if just for a few minutes. Of course, you’ll need to refresh your pet’s toybox regularly, to keep things from getting boring. Pick up a new squirrel toy for Fido.

Go For A Walk

What better way to get that cute tail going than by going for a walk? Weather permitting, head to a park or trail with Fido, and let unfamiliar squirrels taunt him. Your pup may not actually catch any squirrels, but he’ll certainly have fun trying. Plus, the fresh air and exercise will do you both good.


Does your furry companion haul on his leash as soon as he spots a squirrel? That can actually be a pretty dangerous habit, especially with larger dogs. The last thing you want is for your pet to drag you along behind him! One way to break this bad habit is to change direction every time Fido pulls. Training will get tiresome, but that’s why it works. Eventually, your pooch will realize that pulling on you doesn’t actually bring him any closer to that squirrel, but in fact results in him getting even further away.

Have Some PB

We all know that squirrels enjoy nuts, right? While some nuts, such as macadamia, are definitely not safe for dogs, Fido can enjoy some peanut butter. Just be sure to only offer Fido brands that do not contain xylitol, as it is toxic to pets. Also, don’t go overboard!


You don’t have to go all-out celebrating this silly holiday. Enjoy some down time with your canine companion! If Fido stays home alone while you work, pop a squirrel documentary on for him. Some dogs like watching TV! You may also want to relax after work with your pup. There may not be that many movies about squirrels, but the one in Ice Age will always be charming … and hilarious. As your Bellevue, WA animal clinic, we’re here to help! Contact us anytime!