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Fluffy’s 2022 Goals
January 1, 2022
Happy New Year! Do you have a lot of things planned for 2021? Whether you’re making resolutions, or just generally taking steps to move forward, it’s always good for people to strive for growth and change. Of course, cats also set some goals for themselves … and some of them are pretty lofty! A Bellevue, WA veterinarian lists Fluffy’s 2022 resolutions in this article.

Improve Hunting Skills

Don’t forget that your feline friend is actually a ferocious hunter by nature. Fluffy will diligently try to defend you from any moths that get into the house. She may also spend a chunk of the year working on her martial arts. Maybe this will be the year your cute pet nails that tricky run/jump/pounce/roll/meow combo!

Complete World Domination

Cats may be small, but that doesn’t mean they have small goals. Fluffy seems to be well on her way to this one. After all, she’s pretty much taken over the internet!

Catch That Red Dot

Kitties have been chasing these elusive red spots for a few decades now. While your pet may not have much luck capturing her mysterious prey, she’ll at least have fun trying.

Help Around The House

Our feline pals love being pampered and coddled. Fluffy isn’t unappreciative of all the food, toys, treats, catnip, furniture, and attention she gets. She may try to show her gratitude by helping around the house. For instance, she may lend a helping paw with things like changing the sheets or keeping your seat warm when you get up.

Explore All The Boxes

One thing we may never entirely figure out about cats is their obsession with boxes. Give Fluffy a few new ones this year. Or, better yet, build her a box castle!

Get More Sleep

Fluffy certainly does take her beauty rest seriously. Some kitties can snooze up to 20 hours a day, though most of them settle for ‘only’ 12 to 14. Help your drowsy pet make this goal by offering her plenty of beds and, of course, lap space.

Finish Training The Human

Does your kitty have you trained to feed her on demand? If not, that may very well be her biggest goal for 2022. All of us here at Cat & Dog Clinic of Bellevue, your Bellevue, WA animal hospital, wish you (and your pets) a wonderful new year. Contact us anytime!