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Halloween With Black Cats
October 15, 2023

October is Black Cat Awareness Month! Black cats definitely need the PR. They’ve been the subject of many superstitions, and have unfairly been associated with witches and witchcraft. Those old wives’ tales sadly translate into some very real-life issues for these sweet kitties, especially around Halloween. A local Bellevue, WA vet discusses spending the autumn holiday with your feline friend in this article.


The superstitions about black cats date back to medieval times, when, sadly, they were often killed. Unfortunately, those old rumors persist to this day. Black cats are a popular Halloween motif, and still appear on many decorations and packages. Those old superstitions have had some pretty severe repercussions for our feline friends. Fluffy takes longer to get adopted than other kitties. In fact, studies show that cats are admitted to shelters more often than other cats. They also have higher rates of euthanasia. 

Fun Fact

Did you know that black cats aren’t actually black? If you look at Fluffy’s fur when she’s lounging in her favorite sunbeam, you’ll notice that her coat is actually dark brown. If she spends enough time in the sun, it may become noticeably lighter. You might even see patterns emerge! Another interesting fact about black kitties? While many breeds allow black coats, only one is always black: the sleek Bombay.

Keeping Kitty Safe

We always recommend keeping cats indoors: they’re just much safer inside, where they aren’t at risk from cars, weather, or other risks. However, we do know that some people like to let their pets enjoy the sunshine and stimulation the Great Outdoors offers. If you do let your furry friend go out, bring her in before dark. It’s also best to limit Fluffy’s excursions around Halloween.

Fun With Fluffy

Halloween with a black cat can actually be a lot of fun! This is a great time of year to get some super cute pictures of your furry little buddy. Void kitty photos never stop being adorable! You may also want to get your feline pal a cute Halloween-themed blanket or toy. (Catnip would also not be unappreciated.) A pumpkin cat bed will definitely make for some adorable photos. Fluffy will also be more than happy to snuggle up with you for a horror-movie binge. Looking for a seasonal show that features a black cat? Sabrina would be a purrfect choice.

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