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Caring For An Anxious Cat
July 15, 2023

Our feline friends all have their own unique purrsonalities. Some are bold and fearless, while others are quite timid and shy. They can also suffer from anxiety, just as people can. If you know or suspect that your cat is extremely stressed and nervous, read on for some tips from a local Bellevue, WA veterinarian on helping your kitty cope.

Find The Source

If you’ve only recently adopted Fluffy, she may still be settling in. Major changes, like going to a new home, are extremely stressful for our furry friends. Your kitty may also be anxious because of a past trauma. Cats can also be anxious because they are frightened of something, or feel bored, isolated, or lonely. Try to see if you can figure out the source of your furry friend’s unease.

Talk To Your Vet

If Fluffy hasn’t seen her doctor in a while, go ahead and make that appointment. For one thing, you’ll want to rule out potential medical issues. If your furry friend gets a thumbs-up on her health, then you can focus on other causes. Your vet can also be a great source of advice on your kitty’s care needs. Ask for tips and tricks, and purrhaps get some advice on using pet-calming products, such as pheromones.

Make Time To Play

Playing isn’t a cure-all for every behavioral issue, but it can definitely help. For one thing, this will give Fluffy a safe, healthy way for her to work off her angst. Think of it as a kitty version of beating up a punching bag or going for a run on a bad day. This will also let your pet burn off her excess energy, which will leave her tired and (hopefully) calmer after.

Offer A Purrfect Home

Making sure your furry pal is comfortable in her home environment is also important. Nervous cats often like to hide, so offer lots of nooks and crannies. Kitty condos, boxes, and paper bags. Fluffy may also feel more comfortable if she has a high vantage point, so a cat tower may also help. If you leave your pet home alone, leave a radio and a light on to soothe her and keep  her from feeling lonely. Just paying attention to her will also help.

Do you have questions about your cat’s health or care? Contact us, your Bellevue, WA animal clinic, today!