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Meet The Greyhound
December 1, 2021

Here at Cat And Dog Clinic of Bellevue, we’re proud to partner with Greyhound Pets, Inc., a Greyhound rescue organization. While we love all of our canine patients, we definitely have a soft spot for these sweet, gentle pups. A Bellevue, WA veterinarian discusses the Greyhound in this article.


Greyhounds are extremely fast, capable of running up to 45 mph. As you probably know, they became very popular race dogs. Sadly, Greyhound welfare was not a high priority at many racetracks, and the dogs were often mistreated. However, awareness of the plight of unwanted race dogs has risen dramatically in recent years. Greyhound racing is now illegal in many places. There are also many wonderful rescues helping socialize, care for, and place retired and/or unwanted race dogs.


Greyhounds are sweet, sensitive, and gentle, and can be wonderful family pets. They can even make good service dogs! One exceptional rescued Greyhound, Comet, turned out to be such a great service dog that he became a doggy celebrity. Considering adopting one? You can learn more about GPI at their website here.


One might think that Greyhounds are super active, but that actually isn’t the case. Fido is actually a bit of a couch potato indoors. However, given that these dogs are very fast and have a strong prey drive, it’s crucial to keep them leashed. You’ll need a harness or martingale collar, as they can easily slip out of regular collars. It’s also worth noting that Greyhounds have little—if any—sense of wariness about cars. Keep your pup away from roads, and don’t let him cross driveways or intersections before you. Last but not least, if you have a fenced yard, you’ll need a fence that’s at least four feet high.


Greyhounds have some very unique physical qualities. We can’t overstate the importance of choosing a vet that’s familiar with the breed. For instance, they can’t metabolize anesthesia based on barbiturates. Their blood chemistry is also unusual: they have more red blood cells and fewer platelets than other pooches. This could cause a misdiagnosis from a veterinarian who isn’t aware of these differences. Fido is also very sensitive to chemicals, to the extent that not all flea control products are safe for him. Ask your vet for specific care tips.

Do you have questions about Greyhound care? Call us, your local Bellevue, WA veterinary clinic!